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The mission of Quiet Storm Track Association (QSTA) is to provide youth ages 6-18 access to a safe space that builds confidence, develops character, and helps acquire necessary skills to achieve their fullest potential in becoming productive, community minded, AND responsible adults. 


We are raising tomorrow’s leaders on today’s playgrounds. While striving to win, our youth learn about teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship, all of which can contribute to their development as productive citizens. In doing this, QSTA provides training that will impact the lives of youth and their families in fighting childhood obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and enhance social skills and community activism.  


Our program’s focus is on after school training and conditioning of track athletes, the development of life skills, mentoring, after school tutoring, and college tours.


QSTA's program is inclusive of all individuals.  We take pride in providing services to developmentally delayed, autistic and individuals with disabilities, because we know they are able and capable of achieving everything in life without being labeled.  

  dis-ABLE-ed Athletes

We provide services to every ABLE individual.   autistic children with opportunities to take part in team sports .

Enrolling your child in a sport has tremendous benefits such as endurance, strength, and overall fitness.  At times, it may seem challenging to find the appropriate sport or "right fit"  for your child who may be diagnosed with any disability, learning disorder, or autism.  That is why QSTA has a program that enables your child to participate in group sports.


If you feel that traditional sports might not be the best idea, it may be a good idea to start with sporting activities where each member of the team contributes independently. Track and Field is an individual sport where you are part of a team. This sport allows your child to be part of a team but alleviate the stress of being fully dependent on each other every second of the game. In addition, track gives children an avenue to stay healthy and teach them the value of practice makes perfect.



       NEW Athlete  $150 per athlete.

RETURNING Athlete $100 per athlete.

(Effective Jan 1,2023)


       QSTA History


Quiet Storm Track Association is a nonprofit track and field sports organization under the [AAU] Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, INC. Currently we serve 82 at risk and marginalized youths. Our dedicated volunteers  (national track and field champions, All Americans, nurses, teachers, cosmetologist, business owners, and community leaders) provide services to our youth residing in the central and Northern parts of Florida from Palm Coast to Jacksonville. Quiet Storm Track Association provide opportunities for disadvantage youth to play sports, receive academic tutoring, and be mentored in a fun filled atmosphere.

We also demonstrate the importance of giving back to our student-athletes by providing over 1500 hours of community service. Quiet storm relies on the community to help us be a successful organization through donations and volunteering.

In our first year we have managed to take 14 athletes to the largest youth track-meet in the United States. All 14 ranked in the top 8 in the country which made them “All Americans”. Two of our athletes that #1 nationally ranked.


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